Sunday, July 30, 2017

Transfer Bonds | Bail One Nat'l Bonding Can Help

If you need to have a bond written for someone who is in another city or state, we can help.  A Transfer Bond allows you to post the bond with a local bail agent and have it posted at the jail where the individual is being held.

Bail One National Bonding has the ability and "Bail Bond Agent" connections to have a bail bond written in most, if not all counties throughout the entire United States.  When a client has the need to have a bond written for a person that is out of our jurisdiction, we then negotiate what is commonly referred to as a "Transfer Bond".  The term Transfer Bond confuses most people when they are not familiar with the Bail Bond process.  However, our Bail One National Bonding is very well versed in this area and can explain the process easily when the need arises.  Our office makes all of the necessary phone calls and contacts on behalf of the prospective client, as well as the person that has been arrested elsewhere in The country.  We do like for our client(s) to be aware that when it does become necessary for our office to arrange a Transfer Bond; in most, if not all of these situations it will cost more than the standard 10% bond fee or premium in order to have the bond posted for the person that is in jail.  Let me explain why. 
When a local Bail Agent negotiates and arranges for a Transfer Bond to be written, the local agent will work in conjunction with their respective Insurance Company and utilize the services of a Bail Agent in the jurisdiction where the person is in custody.  In doing this, the agent that will actually go write the bond at the request of the local agent will charge what is referred to as a "Transfer Bond Execution Fee".  This fee can range from $100 to $250 and is set and regulated by the state of Mississippi.  In addition, to the execution fee, IF the agent has to travel outside of their immediate jurisdiction to write the bond, they may also charge a "Travel Fee" in addition to the "Execution Fee" and the travel fee may vary depending on how far the agent must travel and the time required to do so.  The local Bail Agent is still only permitted by law to charge the standard 10% percent bail bond fee or premium for writing the bond.  However, the additional fees that are charged by the executing agent may and should be charged to the client.  It is also very important to remember that the local Bail Agent that requests that the bond be written on the client’s behalf bears the financial responsibility for the bond being written.  The Transfer Agent that actually writes the bond is commonly referred to as the "Executing Agent" only and bears no financial responsibility if and when the defendant fails to appear in court.  Therefore, it’s also very important to make sure that if a client requests that a transfer bond be written elsewhere in the country, the client(s) has the ability to make absolutely certain that the defendant meets all of their required court appearances in the very same manner as if the bond was written locally.  If a transfer bond is forfeited or estreated in another county, it can become quite financially expensive to resolve the matter, whereby the Co-Signer or Indemnitor on the bond can and will be held responsible for these costs and fees. 
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