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Surety Bail Bonds

A private system of bail, free of taxpayers support. Privately licensed bail agents post bonds with the court, guaranteeing a defendant’s appearance. Appearance becomes the sole responsibility of the bail agent and is the most effective bail system.
When using the Service of a Surety bail bondsman, the client pays 10% of the face amount of the bond to the bonding company in exchange for the bonding company posting the entire amount of the bail. This 10% fee is NON REFUNDABLE and the mandatory charge in the state of Mississippi. However Bail One National Bonding offer financing starting as low as 4% down on most bonds with a qualified Cosigner.

Cash Bonds

The defendant, or someone on his/her behalf, must pay the Court the full amount of the bail, in cash, in order to be released. The defendant and the co-signer, if any, must sign the bond that guarantees the defendant’s appearance at future court appearances. This is a governmental system.

Own Recognizance Bonds

This system is a government system in which people who have not been arrested before swear before the court that they will appear on their own accord for all required court dates.

What is Bail?

Bail is the means by which the U.S.criminal justice system permits the release of a defendant from custody while ensuring his appearance at all required court proceedings. Bail is the legacy of Angelo-Saxon jurisprudence wherein defendants were delivered to their sureties, who gave security for their appearance. Bail bonds initially were put up by people who pledged their own property as security for the bond.

The commercial bond approach is by far the most effective form of bail, as demonstrated in the Bureau of Statistics study that compared commercial bonding with all other pre-trial release methods in getting defendants to court.

When a person is arrested on probable cause of having committed a criminal offense, he or she is incarcerated and booked into a detention facility. Bail is determined by a preset bail schedule or magistrate prior to arraignment. A bail agent is contacted, and he or she arranges to post the defendant’s bail, whereupon the defendant is released. The bail agent charges the defendant a premium (usually 10% of the bond) for assuming the risk of the defendant’s not appearing. If the defendant fails to appear, the court declares the bond forfeited and the bail agent, usually after getting an opportunity to recover the absconded defendant, has to pay the forfeiture, which constitutes the full amount of the bond.

Most states regard bail as a form of insurance. Hence, bail agents are licensed and regulated like any other insurance producer, subject to certain basic qualifications and pre-licensing and continuing education requirements. Most states also require bail agents to be appointed by an admitted bail insurance company. In addition, some states require that the bail agent be certified by a bail insurance company with a ”qualified power of attorney,” the purpose of which is to confer limited authority on the agent to execute bonds.

Bail agents perform an extraordinarily valuable public service to law enforcement and accused people alike. The Bail Clause of the Eighth amendment to the Constitution embodies the longstanding Anglo-American tradition of favoring pretrial release of accused people. This frees up crowded jail space and permits defendants to participate more fully in their own defense. Bail agents, backed by financial resources of surety companies, make possible the pretrial release of in excess of 2 million defendants annually, at no expense to taxpayers, by providing assurances to the state that the people charged with crimes will appear as scheduled to answer charges.

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Assisting You With Your Short Sale

If you are a homeowner who is considering a short sale, we can do more for you than just sell your home. With today`s housing crisis, a good  real estate investor with short sale experience is a key individual in the process of avoiding foreclosure. There are various options out there for avoiding losing your home to foreclosure. Some homeowners will qualify for loan modification. Others may need to go for a short sale of their home in order to avoid the negative stigma of foreclosure that can haunt them for years to come. If your home goes into foreclosure, you may not be able to purchase another home for seven years. If you do a short sale, that time period is cut in half.
How the Short Sale Works
The short sale is only for those homeowners who are facing a hardship. You must also have an upside-down mortgage, which means that you owe more on the home than the home is worth. Examples of hardship include unemployment or severe reduction in income, divorce, bankruptcy, medical emergency, transferring to a job out of down, or death of a co-homeowner.
The short sale involves selling the house at today`s market value while your lender agrees to accept that lower value for the home. Short sale negotiation process with bank is a very complex and time consuming process. A good short-sale real estate investor can work as a go-between you and the bank to help you successfully negotiate a short sale of your home. The  real estate investor will assist homeowners prepare a short sale package for submission to the short sale bank, which is the original creditor. This short sale package will include items that will allow the bank and the  real estate investor to proceed with the short sale, including a letter of authorization, which allows your  real estate investor to speak with the bank, financial statements, letter of hardship, tax returns, and various other documentation of your financial situation.
Benefits of the Short Sale
When you are at risk of foreclosure, the short sale is a viable option. The benefits of a short sale include:
  • Lesser effect on your FICO credit score than with a foreclosure. A foreclosure can drop your credit score by as much as 400 points. Although each lender reports a short sale differently to the credit bureau, the effect on your credit will be that of a mortgage paid in full. Only the late payments prior to the short sale will affect your overall credit score.
  • You will have no mortgage payments to make, unless you choose to keep making them.
  • You retain dignity in knowing that you sold your home as opposed to losing it to foreclosure; you avoid the stigma of foreclosure.
  • Under Fannie Mae Guidelines, you can buy another home in as little as two years. If you have no sixty-day-plus late payments, you may be eligible to buy another home immediately.
Every day that you don`t do anything is another day that you move closer and closer to foreclosure. To find out more about stopping foreclosure and going with a short sale, contact us now!

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How Bail Bonds Work
Ever wondered how bail bonds work? If you have been accused of a crime and need bail money, here is how the bail bonds process works. First, a bail bond is money given to a court by an arrested person that ensures the court they will appear at their scheduled court hearing.
Appearing In Court
If a defendant shows up in court on their scheduled court date, the bail bond money will be refunded. However, if a defendant does not appear at their scheduled court hearing, the court keeps the bail money and a warrant for the person’s arrest is issued.
How The Amount Of Bail Is Determined
Within approximately 48 hours after arrest, a bail bond hearing happens. During this hearing a judge will determine the amount of the bail based upon a number of circumstances and the nature of the alleged crime committed. The judge will also determine the amount by the risk that the defendant will not appear in court on the scheduled date. Typically, the court system has a standard bail bond amount pertaining to a specific crime. However, the judge does not have to go by the standards for bail bonds amount.
Once the judge has set a specific bail bonds amount, paying the amount is the next step in the bail bonds process.
Four Ways To Pay
There are four different ways to pay for bail bonds.
  • Cash
  • Secured bail bonds
  • Unsecured bail bonds
  • Signature or own recognizance (OR)
When a bail cannot be paid in full, a bail bonds service will provide the court up front with the full amount if the defendant can pay 10% of full bail amount.
How Bail Bonds Services Work
If a defendant chooses to use a bail bonds service, 10% of the full bail amount must be paid up front for the bail bonds service to pay the court. The bail bonds service posts bail in full, and the client can get out of jail. The service is taking a risk on the defendant, promising the court the defendant will appear in court on scheduled court date. However, this is not always the case. The bail bonds service requires an indemnitor to guarantee that the full amount of bail will be paid if the defendant does not appear in court.
In the event that the defendant does not appear in court, the initial 10% of bail will go to the bail bonds service, and the court will issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. The defendant will also be required by the courts to pay the full amount of bail, in addition to the already 10% paid to the bail bonds service.
If the defendant does appear in court, the bail money will be refunded in full to defendant or bail bond service after the case is complete.
If you or someone you know needs bail money, contact Bail One Bonding. We offer quick and efficient bail bond services in Gulfport, Harrison County and surrounding areas. Financing is also available to those who qualify.
We provide bail bonds services for all drug related offenses, traffic arrests and drunk driving DUI/DWI offenses, spousal abuse and domestic violence charges, prostitution solicitation charges and all felonies and misdemeanors. We have bail bondsmen waiting to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Give us a call at 228-832-5506 and start the process of getting your loved one out of jail. Hablamos EspaƱol.
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